We are devoted to educate and heal in a compassionate and professional atmosphere. We foster truthfulness and kindness as pathways to achieve optimal health of body, mind and spirit for our specific market. The depth of our commitment to wellness inspires loyalty in our clients. We are dedicated to learning the value of living in an environment of continued growth and we gauge the health of our clients and staff by the loving energy and joy we exhibit.



Heaven Sent Wellness program involves healing of the whole body, mind, and spirit. Applying The Robertson Brain Chemistry Technology Model provides a decisively different approach toward improving personal performance, health, and wellness using brain chemistry. Allow us to develop a program specifically for you that will help balance your brain chemistry and perform at your maximum capabilities.

Founded in Melbourne, Florida in 2002 by Rev. Jane Warner and Rev. Angela Eley. Our goal is to provide you with leading edge personal development programs that educate, empower, and transform lives. Jane and Angi have brought together the talents of a number of professionals in the conventional and complementary medical fields that embody the essence of health, education, and healing.


Rev. Jane Warner B.S.

Jane has over 30 years of business experience in building public and private organizations, as well as being active in volunteer work. She is a certified clinician in the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program with the Robertson Research Institute.

Jane’s accomplishments include:

  • BS Business/ Management
  • Master Reiki Practitioner
  • Certified Robertson Research Brain Chemistry Optimization Program
  • Certified in other healing modalities
  • Retired Federal Government Manager specializing in oversight of design and construction of major research facilities throughout the US.
  • Facilitated energy and environmental programs for the Federal Government

Rev. Angela Eley B.S.

Angela’s role in Heaven Sent Wellness as the CFO is implementing a Financial Management Program for our clients for financial health. Angela was Ordained as a Minister through Rose Ministries. She now seeks to help create and witness a wellness program that will positively change lives. While living in Las Vegas she helped those infected and affected with the aids virus.

Angela’s accomplishments include:

  • BS Mathematics
  • Business Owner of multiple businesses











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